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Webull Redesign - Case study

Webull trading platform is by far my most favorite trading platform not because of the features, its because of how fast its bringing in new features to the platform to be competitive in this game, their customer service is also good, I’m in no way getting sponsored by webull if people think so:) With this case study, I did interview a few people about their experience and the problems they faced while using webull, I’ll cover only the problems faced by traders who have traded through webull.

Problem 1

Indicators are synced with other charts, if a user prefers only 9 ema on 1 min chart and wants only 200 day ema on daily chart, both 9 and 200 ema will become active, there is no way to configure charts for indicators individually!

Problem 2

Indicators are by default “fit indicators on the chart”, this makes indicators to occupy a lot of space on the chart, this messes up the chart and users are unable to look at the long term chart.

Problem 3

Let’s cover 2 problems this is not that of a big problem nor a priority problem. Here’s the problem:

Problem 4

Order entry widget eating up a lot of space and there is a big issue while putting stop loss and selling order at the same time.

Problem 5

Time and sales has some nonessential stuff and the font is too small, it becomes hard to read the tape.

There are few more like custom colors for candles, background, grid etc. but let’s be honest, webull is a new platform and considering how fast they’re working on user experience, they’ll fix a lot of stuff in the future and may bring new ones too.

I had fun working on this and love working on things that inspire me:)

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