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Rej** App Design

The app is basically a quora (question and answer site) but with a twist answers are limited upto 3, that means maximum only three users can answer followed by no limits on the number of comments. I always Focus on “Less is More” and to make sure the design is as clean(UI) and to the point!(UX)

Sign up/login screen Below is the rough design and elements the client provided and wanted to see in his design,

Here’s the design I came up with:

Main page question and answer screen This is the rough sketch provided by the client as shown below:

The sketching phase:

End Result

Add a new question screen

I really loved the ghost’s clean interface and other interfaces like medium for publishing stories online. This Inspiration helped me to transfer below design that client provided:

Into this:

Comments screen

Client’s rough idea below:

End design:

Settings and Score screen

Client wanted this should mainly have a score for the user and his data ( Name, username, Bio ) and some settings like, Language, about, FAQs, Privacy policy. End result:

This was not that of a complex journey, was it was a good experience with the client

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