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You might be the one:)

We continue to look for amazing talent in the industry, and believe, there are gems hidden under people with lesser experience, open for people, who have amazing portfolio to showcase, without portfolio your proposal will be rejected.

Currently we are looking for...

UX UI Designer


Here's what we are looking for within our amazing talent.

  • Portfolio is a must.

  • 2 years experience

  • Have worked on both mobile and web interfaces

  • Proficient in figma

  • Knows how to build figma components (build, publish etc.)

  • Understands user experience, and implements it in the design

  • Can do basic image editing (transparent, shadows etc.)

  • Very basic knowledge of copy-writing (helps to use content in design)

  • Knows how to use stock assets (images, illustrations etc.)

  • Understanding of fonts, branding in the UX UI

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